Champagne & Sparklers ✨ 🥂

Ancaster Mill, located in the quaint town of Ancaster, served as the perfect backdrop for the unforgettable wedding of Caitlin and Eric. As a wedding photographer, capturing their beautiful day was an absolute delight and every moment was filled with joy, love, and overwhelming beauty.

The day started at the stunning Millworks Creative Studio where the couple had their 'first look'. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as Eric turned around to see his beautiful bride for the first time. The raw emotion and happiness captured in those moments were truly heartwarming. The radiant smile on their faces and the love in their eyes made every photograph a masterpiece. At the reception, held at the Ancaster Mill, the couple surprised their guests with an impressive champagne tower. The joy of the celebration was captured perfectly as the golden bubbly trickled down the tower, glasses clinking in celebration of this new chapter in Caitlin and Eric's life.

As the night progressed, guests were treated to a unique experience - a cigar station. This added a sophisticated touch to the celebration and offered a great opportunity for some candid and fun photographs. The laughter, conversations, and bonds strengthening over shared cigars made for some memorable shots. The grand finale of the day was a magical sparkler send-off. The entire wedding party participated, creating a twinkling archway for the newlyweds to walk through. This spectacular sight, paired with the overwhelming happiness on Caitlin and Eric's faces as they embarked on their journey together, made for an incredibly picturesque moment. From the first look at Millworks Creative Studio, the champagne tower, the cigar station, and the sparkler send-off, Caitlin and Eric's wedding was a day of unforgettable celebrations. As a wedding photographer, it was an absolute honour to capture these special moments that they will cherish forever.

Venue: @PearleWeddings @TheAncasterMIll

Wedding Planning: @maeckweddings

First-look location: @MillWorksCreativeStudio

Hair & Makeup: @YourBeautyArtist @AlysonElisabethMUA

Videographer: @blackmore.weddings

Photobooth: @snaptique

Dress/alterations: @tiltedveil

Floral/Design: @TaschaBedioui