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I have been capturing photos and making videos since high school (circa 2001). I knew that photography was something that was going to be a lifelong interest when I was introduced to black & white photography in grade 10, where we developed our film and made prints. Comm-tech class showed me the possibilities of story telling through video creation. This love of the medium lead me to complete a three year course in Broadcast TV & Radio after high school.

I worked in news-media, sports broadcasting, and for YTV (childhood dream come true). Even though my office was steps from the studio where they filmed "The Zone" (millennial reference), I felt that there was a personal creative outlet that I wasn't exploring from my day-to-day. So in 2009 I picked up my first digital SLR and started to take street photos, live music, portraits and everything I thought was interesting.

In 2012 I decided to leave the traditional broadcast world in the rearview and started working as a creative director for a tech start up in Waterloo whose soul focus was to improve the healthy and happiness of employees within organizations. There I created 3D graphic explainers, customer testimonials, social media content, and was heavily involved in building a brand from the ground up. My now friend Taylor Jackson, stopped by our office one day to film our CEO's for a documentary he was making called Startup Community. After a few visits to our office to film, he noticed my camera bag on my desk overflowing with camera gear. We became fast friends and it wasn't long before he asked if I wanted to second a wedding with him. That summer I filled the weekends of my calendar shooting alongside Taylor and learning the ropes of a wedding photographer on a wedding day.

It wasn't long until my side business of shooting weddings became my main focus for my creative outlet. I made the transition to being a full time wedding photographer & videographer in 2015, and have been building my business and learning new techniques ever since.

Current life consists of spending time with Kelly (my gal), our Bajan-rescue-dog (José), and creating photos and videos at the Studio on King. I appreciate if you have read this far into my abridged self-written bio. If I sound like someone you would want to have around on your wedding day, send me a note and we can chat.