What is in your video package?

By this point, I feel like most couples are keenly aware of what is included when you hire a photographer for your elopement. You will receive a gallery of stunning images showing the candid and posed moments from your prep, ceremony, portrait session, hike, etc. Video on the other hand, feels more ambiguous in terms of deliverables. So I feel compelled to show you exactly what is included when you book me as your videographer for your elopement.

Highlight Film

A short 4-ish minute edited keepsake video highlighting the important candid and posed moments from your ceremony, first-look portrait session, dance... really whatever you have planned, I scrub through hours of footage to find the moments that I feel will best remind you of how your day felt. I like to include sync-sound on vows and candid moments. All of this footage is edited to a licensed song (or two) that I feel supports the vibe of your elopement.

Your Full Ceremony

In order to capture those big and small moments, I am often recording the entire duration of our time together, and there is no exception when it comes to the ceremony. I record on two cameras (because backups are nice) which allows me to edit around camera shakes (I shoot handheld) and reframing/editing to give room for your photographer to get the shots she needs, all while making it seem like it's just you two (and Jeff your officiant) out in the wild, declaring your love to each-other. So yes, I include the edit of the full ceremony.

First Look/First Dance

Dustin and Amanda decided to save their first dance for when they got back to their hotel room... but if they HAD decided to do it on the cliffside, I would have filmed it and included that short edit in their gallery. Complete moments like a first-look or a first dance are as important reminders of who you are in the moment, and something I love to include in galleries.

Super 8mm Film

It is true, I film a portion of every wedding on super 8mm film. I could record a whole TED talk on why. In short, I feel like it is the closest way to capture what looks and feels like a memory. When I think back to by childhood memories It all FEELS like I am watching it through a projected film-scan on the walls of my brain. Being able to supplement the 4k footage & high quality audio of a wedding film with something a bit more low-fi-nostalgia give me a great amount of joy. I think it's important, and my couples do to. So yeah, I include the full film-scan video from the 100feet of super8mm film.

The Gallery

My preferred method to deliver all of these edited videos on is a called Vidflow. It is a video platform that enables a premium viewing experience across virtually every desktop, smart-tv, mobile-device and tablet. It is a secure space with the option for password protection. You can stream and/or download right from the gallery to your phone or desktop. I love it, my clients love, you will love it too.